University of Birmingham Scholarships, 2023/2024

Situated in Birmingham, England, the esteemed University of Birmingham stands as a distinguished and internationally acclaimed institution for higher education. Renowned for its academic prowess, the university consistently secures top ranks among UK universities and holds a coveted membership within the esteemed Russell Group, a select consortium of 24 leading research-intensive institutions across the nation. Distinguished for its diverse research endeavors, the University of Birmingham has gained immense recognition for its contributions to vital fields, including medical sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities.

The university’s unwavering commitment lies in delivering a top-tier education, fostering a transformative learning journey for its students. This commitment encompasses a holistic approach, combining theoretical knowledge, practical skills, critical thinking, and a global perspective. As a champion of research-led teaching, the university ensures students access the latest advancements and actively participate in cutting-edge research projects.

Embracing the broader university experience, beyond academics, the campus thrives with a vibrant student life that offers a myriad of extracurricular activities, diverse clubs, and engaging societies. Students find themselves immersed in sports, arts, cultural events, and volunteering opportunities, nurturing personal growth, leadership acumen, and a strong sense of community.

Scholarship Description

Host University: University of Birmingham
Host Country: United Kingdom
Study Level: Master, and Bachelor’s Level
Scholarship Type: Partial Funding
Scholarship Worth: 3,000$ – 10,000$
Eligible Countries: International Students
Subjects Available: All Subjects
Application Deadline: August 31st, 2023


The University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, is currently offering scholarships to Master’s, Bachelor’s, and International Students from all fields, granting them a unique chance to pursue their educational dreams.

International students are particularly encouraged to apply for two exceptional scholarships at the University of Birmingham—the International Excellence/Achievement Scholarship and the Global Masters Scholarship. These coveted grants cater to those interested in pursuing undergraduate or master’s degrees within the UK.

Successful recipients of these scholarships will receive valuable financial aid, enabling them to cover educational expenses in their chosen field, with a particular focus on the field of chemical engineering. The overarching goal of these scholarships is to extend unwavering support to deserving students, helping them attain an outstanding education and preparing them to become future leaders in the realm of chemical engineering.

Scholarship Benefits

Non-EU students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at the University of Birmingham have the exclusive opportunity to apply for the Excellence Scholarship, a partially funded program tailored to support their academic endeavors. This scholarship is thoughtfully divided into two distinct categories: the Achievement Scholarship and the Excellence Scholarship, each offering unique benefits to deserving students. The Achievement Scholarship, worth £1,500, is granted to students who attain AAA at A level or an equivalent qualification, while the Excellence Scholarship, valued at £3,000, is reserved for those who achieve AA*A at A level or an equivalent qualification.


For Master’s degree students, a separate scholarship amounting to £10,000 is available to facilitate their educational journey. It’s important for scholarship recipients to maintain their eligibility for the First Class Scholarship by consistently demonstrating a high level of academic performance. Specifically, students must achieve an average mark of at least 70% at the conclusion of each academic year to continue benefiting from this prestigious scholarship opportunity.

Eligibility Requirements

The scholarship opportunity is open to students of all nationalities, with the exception of EU students, who express a keen interest in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. To qualify for consideration, applicants must fulfill specific criteria, which include being classified as Overseas for fee purposes and designating chemical engineering as their firm choice.

The application process mandates the submission of various essential documents, such as a pre-qualification degree, academic transcripts, accolades, proof of English language proficiency, a compelling personal statement, and a valid passport.

Aspiring students seeking admission to the bachelor’s program should possess a high school diploma or an equivalent certification. Additionally, they must demonstrate English language proficiency, meeting the prescribed levels set by the University. Typically, this entails achieving a minimum TOEFL score of 72, with specified band score requirements in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking (e.g., Reading 18, Writing 17, Listening 17, Speaking 20). These language proficiency standards are in place to ensure that students can effectively communicate and actively engage in their studies at the esteemed University of Birmingham.


Application Process

For the upcoming academic year of 2023-24 in the UK, the University of Birmingham offers scholarships with a flexible application process for undergraduate degree programs. Unlike master’s degree programs, there is no fixed deadline for applying to these undergraduate scholarships, as applications are accepted throughout the year. However, for those interested in pursuing a master’s degree at the university, the application deadline is set for 31st August 2023.

What sets the University of Birmingham Scholarships apart is the streamlined approach to the Excellence Scholarship in 2023-24. Applicants need not undergo a separate application process specifically for this scholarship. Instead, all candidates who secure admission to an approved program at the university will automatically be considered for the scholarship, making the process more convenient and accessible for aspiring scholars.

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