Isa Mohammed: Justice For Six Students Expelled from Salihu Dogo Secondary School

salihu dogo secondary school
A Photo Combination of Mal. Isa Mohammed and Protesting Salihu Dogo student picture


Mal. Isa Mohammed and Protesting Salihu Dogo student picture
A File Photo of Mal. Isa Mohammed

It can be recalled the brave students of Salihu Dogo secondary School protested here in Jalingo after lack of social amenities provided for the students which ranges from social amenities (toilets) and educational prerequisites which are a necessity for the progress and smooth running of the academics program. This action have recently resulted into the expulsion of six (6) students from the school.



Salihu Dogo Students: My Heroes

“Education is a right, not a privilege”

The story of six students who were expelled for protesting against the bad condition of teaching and learning at Salihu Dogo Secondary, Jalingo on 15th June 2022 is trending on social media.

It was reported that the students from their statements captured on videos complained of lack of laboratory equipment, inadequate classes and bad learning environment. Despite the fact that students paid for these equipments 

While this may not be the problem only associated with Salihu Dogo, most Taraba public secondary schools are suffering from the same condition.

The action of the Principal is condemnable and reprehensible, morally wrong and legally challengeable.

Educationally, three things make a school; teachers, teaching aids and infrastructure. Most government schools don’t have these sets of necessary education foundational structure.

We call on the PTA to challenge this injustice, the NUT, ASUSS and CSOs in Taraba to fight this wicked decision.

Moreover, the government should set up a committee to investigate the circumstances and the cause of this controversial shameless punishment for innocent students.

Education is the powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

Isa Mohammed,

24th June, 2022.

Mal. Isa Mohammed is a Researcher and Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, Taraba State University, Jalingo.

Salihu Dogo is one of the public schools in Jalingo, Taraba State which have not gotten proper attention fro m either the state nor local government. A student from Salihu Dogo Secondary School said “Can you imagine no lab for physics, chemistry, biology and geography? we don’t even have chairs to sit down!” This is happening as against the Rescue Mission of his excellency Arch. Darius Dickson Ishaku who has recently spent over 30 Billion Naira for education.  

Between 2017 and 2021, the Taraba State government approved over N5 billion to be spent on the state’s basic education, and N23 billion on education. The state budget breakdown shows that in 2019, education got N8, 355,032,016.80 approval, while 2020 it got N9, 190,535,218.48 estimate and 2021 N10, 109,588,740.33.

During a presentation of the 2022 budget breakdown, Commissioner for Budget and Planning Mr. Solomon Elisha, said Taraba government has allocated over N6 billion for post primary schools management education in the state in the 2022 budget to boost the quality of education in the state.



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