Sen. Bwacha’s APC Ticket Remains Valid

A File Photo of Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha (Courtesy: Bwacha Political Organization)
A File Photo of Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha (Courtesy: Bwacha Political Organization)
Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha
A File Photo of Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha (Courtesy: Bwacha Political Organization)

It can be recalled that Senator Emmanuel Bwacha have been stopped by a court order after a suit by one Mr. Kifasi, however the outcome by the party remains a shocker to the electorates.

When a man has won the heart of God and is on a specific mission to fulfill God’s purpose and plan, no obstacle mounted against him ever succeeds. So it is with Senator Emmanuel Bwacha. 

Since man can be deliberately forgetful, it is instructive to remind those who are yet to come to terms with reality and fact that the good  people of Taraba State have taken their decision, as seen in the DIRECT PRIMARIES, that produced Senator Emmanuel Bwacha whom they voted massively as their preferred candidate.

The All Progressives Congress (APC), on the 26th May, 2022 conducted its governorship primary election to produce a candidate for the 2023 General election using the direct method of election.  The election which was carried out in all the 16 local government areas across the state produced Senator Emmanuel Bwacha as the authentic candidate who scored the highest number of valid votes cast.

In a field which had 8 other aspirants, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha garnered  97,655 votes over his closest rival, Senator Anthony Manzo, who came a distance second with 16,625 votes while Danladi Kifasi scored 12, 202 votes to come third, with Senator Yusuf A. Yusuf, placing fourth with 10,828 votes.

The election was peacefully conducted throughout the state with every atmosphere of tranquility, transparency and proper accreditation of registered members of the APC in Taraba State. 

Indeed, the opportunity provided by the Taraba APC for all candidates to have their agents at the various venues of the direct primaries was fully provided, protected and guaranteed, registers of APC members were fully received and counting was openly done to the seeing of all electorates and attested to by all concerned authorities.

The returning officers of the APC Governorship Primary Election in the state, Mr. Lawrence Onuchukwu who declared Emmanuel Bwacha winner of the contest after collation of results at a press briefing in Jalingo, said Emmanuel Bwacha defeated all the other eight aspirants to emerge as the party’s flagbearer for the upcoming 2023 general elections.

It’s an acknowledged fact that Senator Emmanuel Bwacha has been chosen by the majority of APC members and no amount of blackmail, lies and cooked up propaganda against his candidacy will see the light of day.

APC Gubernatorial Candidate list for APC
A Photo of APC Gubernatorial Candidates list for North-East Zone Governor Elect (Photo Credit: Mutumina Inc.)

Senator Emmanuel Bwacha’s victory is valid, seals and reflects the wishes of the majority of APC members in Taraba State.

Therefore, let it be noted by one of the aspirants, who sponsored  kangaroo protests in Abuja a few days ago against the popular will of the people, who will  not be forgiven by God, and  his attempts to subvert the choice and candidate of the people will not help him in any way. The masses know what they want and they cannot be manipulated through any other means that will not convey their popular will and acceptability for the candidate of their choice.

Let it also be known that the voices of those who voted Senator Emmanuel Bwacha in the APC DIRECT PRIMARIES outweighs the voices of those few who seek to upturn and replace the rightful process with anything short of what will reflect their popularity and their interest.

The fact still remains that Senator Emmanuel Bwacha is the flag bearer of APC  in Taraba State and poised to take victory from the weakened, sinking and perforated Umbrella Party, the PDP.

It is quite unfortunate that  some desperate aspirants have deliberately decided not to appreciate the fact that the people of Taraba State have made their choices in the APC direct primaries elections by choosing candidates for the governorship and other positions in the forthcoming general elections.

They should come to terms with the fact that  people of Taraba State in APC  have taken their decision, as seen in the DIRECT PRIMARIES.  They voted massively for their choice, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, and are still going to replicate it even more, at the 2023 general elections. Those few aspirants running from pillar to post  should eschew unnecessary political permutations to thwart the sensitivity of the people, from their preferred candidate, SENATOR EMMANUEL BWACHA CON.  

Our priority at the moment should be that of winning Taraba State into the fold of the APC in 2023

Citizen John Akevi




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