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Rev. (Dr.) Solomon: My Appeal to Bola Ahmed Tinubu and The All Progressive Congress (APC)

Rev. Solomon Innocent
A File Photo of Rev. Innocent Solomon

Rev (Dr.) Innocent Rubiruka Solomon, Vice Chairman, North East Zonal Chapter of The Christian Association of Nigeria (C.A.N).

Do not set a quarrel and a fight you can not handle. Do not be tempted to say you can do without the Christians in Northern Nigeria or undermine any religion or people at all to mean nothing in Nigeria’s political equation. Do not be deceived to think you can win without the Christians in the North and therefore choose to go with a Muslim -Muslim ticket. Any party for that matter must avoid the pitfall of setting Nigeria’s religious communities into political blocks that may result in the greatest religious disharmony in the Country. Any such decision is precarious. No political party should try, I passionately appeal.


Ask those who tried it in the past. Who did it either deliberately, consciously or ignorantly without knowing the consequences thereof on the Nigerian State and the future of the nation. Ask them what happened after the election was won. Ask them if the mandate that was won became a reality. Ask them whether they ruled the nation with that kind of discriminatory and divisive arrangement that was concocted?

Have we asked why the election was judged to be the most credible in the Democratic history of Nigeria and yet its government was not to be? Have we ever cared to know the mystery behind the annulment? Could it just be that The Former Military Leader General Ibrahim Babangida just on his own decided to do the impossible? Was it not something beyond his control, a mystery no mortal could explain?

Nigeria as a result of that annulment passed through one of its most critical and difficult periods in history which eventually led to the death of one of Nigeria’s illustrious leaders, a remarkable personality who died in custody in an attempt to recover the mandate.

Our political Leaders must learn from our mistakes of the past or we will further the nation away from peace, stability and progress. God forbid.


It was neither the Christians nor the Muslims. Not even the political leaders knew what was going on then.

It was God Himself who annulled that election to show His displeasure concerning the heart of man against His will in Nigeria.

The Prophecy God gave me on 1st AUGUST, 1994 to deliver to His Excellency Late Chief M.K.O Abiola at his Ikeja residence when he began the struggle to recover his mandate is still with me till date.

In that Prophecy God told him not to fight or struggle about the matter but humble himself before the Almighty God.


Mallam Nasir El -Rufai the Governor of Kaduna State is boasting that he did it and succeeded. Really? Did Mallam El – Rufai succeed? How can he explain the horrified, horrible and devastating state of insecurity in his state? Is it not the worst ever in the history of Kaduna State? Ask Theologians who know what is written: “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and WHOSOEVER BREAKETH AN HEDGE, A SERPENT SHALL BITE  HIM. Whoso receiveth stones shall be hurt therewith; and he that cleaveth wood shall be endangered thereby” (Ecclesiastes 10:8-9)

King Solomon the wisest King that ever lived said: “REMOVE NOT THE ANCIENT LANDMARK, WHICH THY  FATHERS HAVE SET”

(Proverbs 22:28)

Mallam El – Rufai dared to break the hedge in Kaduna State. He removed the ancient Landmark. He destroyed the tradition of peace and stability in Kaduna State. He acted like Hiel the Bethelite who in spite of the Curse that was pronounced rebuilt the Ancient city of Jericho perhaps not knowing about the CURSE that was hanging upon the city. (Joshua 6:26 c/p 1Kings 16:34). Today everyone bears witness of how Kaduna State has suffered irreparable loss of lives and communities and the situation is still worsening.  Is this not clearly fulfilling Scriptures that he who breaks the hedge the serpent will bite. The wounds of Kaduna State today are incurable. The woes that befell the state are unimaginable. THE HEDGE IS BROKEN AND SO OUR WOES ARE INCURABLE. What profit is in a government that cannot protect its citizens?  Mallam El – Rufai should repent and apologise to the people of Kaduna State and by implication Nigerians for breaking the hedge that brought untold sorrow, pain, devastation and death. He must equally restore the tradition and political arrangement that have ensured the peaceful coexistence of Kaduna State and her people over the years and stop the boasting that is anathema. Perhaps God may turn from His fierce wrath and show us mercy.

“Except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain to build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain” (Psalms 127 :1).

His boasting therefore is vain. Can the Chief Security Officer of Kaduna State today celebrate success? And beat his chase to say he has succeeded even though he destroyed the tradition of inclusiveness known to be between Muslims and Christians? Is the Living God not angry with us and so the serpents have beaten us with incurable sorrow? May we be guided by the HOLY BOOKS.


Any attempt to use religion to divide this nation will attract God’s judgement. I’m only warning our political Leaders to beware.

Nigeria is God’s heritage. The Muslims and the Christians and the Pagans all belong to God. Politicians, be warned not to destroy God’s people due to tribe, ethnicity, religion or section. God’s goodness is upon all the Nigerian people therefore do not use religion to divide the nation. Religion is to guide the people and the nation and not to set the people against each other. Political decisions must be fair and just. Democracy must be all inclusive. Christians, Muslims and people of all faiths must be duly recognized and carried along. Christian -Christian ticket or Muslim – Muslim ticket is not in the interest of a united, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.


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